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Pet dog in-glass door insert

In Glass Pet Door

We offer an easier and more efficient solution to adding a doggy pet door to your home. Our method will save you time and money, leaving you with functionality and aesthetics that sets it apart

Pet Door Glass Insert

The integration of a pet door directly into your glass slider, window, door, or sidelight delivers a unique blend of functionality and aesthetics that sets it apart. Our selection of in-glass pet doors offers a visually pleasing, less intrusive solution, turning your existing glass panel into an entryway for your pet while maintaining the elegance of your home decor.

These specially designed pet doors allow you to utilize your current locking mechanism, a key benefit over patio panels which necessitate the use of a wooden dowel or bar. This feature holds high appeal for homeowners who prioritize the security of their living space. The final outcome is a professional, clean look that enhances the overall appearance of your home, while providing your dog with the liberty to roam.

The installation process requires the expertise of a professional glazier due to the tempered nature of the glass. The glazier measures your glass, orders a new piece – either single or dual pane – with a precision cut-out for the pet door, and handles the installation, ensuring a perfect fit and excellent finish.

For those with French Doors featuring separate lites, a unique solution involves removing one or more lites, possibly cutting into the cross-piece for a more manageable step-over for your pet, and ordering a custom-sized pet door to fit the opening.

In-glass pet doors are a stylish, functional, and professional solution for homeowners seeking to balance the freedom of their pets with the aesthetics and security of their homes. With a range of options available, finding the perfect fit for your home and pet has never been easier.

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