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Local window screen repair replacement service seattle

Local Screen Repair Service

Call, Email or Text Message us for a quote today or stop by our shop with your screen for repair.

 Call or Text: 206.372.4186

Beacon Hill Glass has all your window screen repair needs covered. Say goodbye to damaged and dysfunctional screens and bring your windows back to life. Our team will help you choose from our range of repair, customization, and replacement options to meet your specific needs. Contact us now to schedule a repair appointment or come by our shop .

Do you have a screen mesh that has tears, rips, faded and deteriorated? We can just re-screen with your selected mesh type as long as the frame is still in tact. If you have a broken or missing window screen fame missing from your window, we can build or order a brand new one that will match your previously existing screen. Contact Us For For A Quote Today !

Window Screen Options 

Screen Frame Colors

  • White

  • Black

  • Grey

  • Bronze

  • Dark Bronze

  • Clay

  • Tan

  • Adobe

  • Almond


Flat Screen Frame:

  • 1/4" Flat Screen Frame

  • 5/16" Flat Screen Frame

  • 3/8" Flat Screen Frame

  • 7/16" Flat Screen Frame

  • 1" Flat Screen Frame

Lip Screen Frames:

  • 5/16" Lip Frame Screen Frame

  • 1/2" Lip Frame Screen Frame


Standoff Wicket Screen Frame:

  • 1/2" Wicket Screen Frame

  • 3/4" Wicket Screen Frame

Patio Door Screens Frames:

  • 600 Series Patio Screen

  • 900 Series Patio Screen

  • 1350 Series Patio Screen

  • 1580Series Patio Screen

Patio Door Screens

  • White Frame

  • Bronze Frame

  • Tan Frame

  • Selection Mesh Types

Mesh Type

  • Standar Charcoal Mesh

  • Standard Grey Mesh

  • Pet Screen

  • Ultra View

  • Bronze Wire

  • Black Aluminum

  • Sun Screen

Pull Tabs

  • White Plastic

  • Aluminum

  • Clear Lift Tab

Window Screen Types

  • Lip Frame Screens

  • 1/2" Wicket Screen w/Door

  • 3/4" Wicket Screen w/Door

  • Screens With Plungers

  • Screens With Springs

  • Patio Door Slider Screens

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