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Local home new window replacement installation service

Need new windows? You can count on Beacon Hill Glass for expert installation and replacement services. We're here to help with all your window needs, from start to finish. Get in touch with us today to learn more.

Window Replacement Service

Window Types & Options

Below are the most common and popular window styles and options available on the market. Almost all window brands and manufactures provide these type of style windows for consumers and distributors. With these window variations, you can add specific glass options to apply during the order process. Note that most window brands have different series that accommodate consumer specifications.

What Is An Awning Window?:

Awning window are commonly operated by a crank with handle and they tilt outward strictly from the top when opening. Awning windows are so-called because they create an “awning” when opened, which prevents rain from coming into the area and yet allows fresh air in.

What Is A Single Hung Window?:

Single-hung windows have one fixed "stationary panel" on top and one moveable sash on the bottom, which can slide up and down. This makes single-hung windows rectangular in shape and vertical in orientation.

What Is A Double Hung Window?:

Double-hung windows are similar to single-hung windows, but instead of only the bottom sash being moveable, both top and bottom sashes can be moved vertically up and down . This makes a double-hung windows superior to a single-hung in terms of ventilation, as the two sashes can be moved independently, commonly produced to be tilted inward for cleaning.

What Is A Casement Window?:

One of the most popular window types are casement windows, which are commonly hinged at the sides, allowing them to swing outward. A casement window can be operated by a handle or lever, usually at arm level, and a fold-away mechanism called a casement stay or crank operator with handle at the bottom to hold the window in an open position despite the wind.

What Is A Picture Window?:
Picture windows do not open nor can they be operated. These windows provide homes with gorgeous views, optimal daylight/sunlight and come in many various sizes. They are often commonly seen in living rooms, master bedrooms or any large open areas of a home.


What Is An Arched "Radius" Window?:

The radius, or standard arched window, features a curved top and a straight rectangular body. You can find standard arched windows in sizes ranging from short to extra tall. These windows add glamor to any home and often function as an uncovered transom, bathing interior spaces in natural light.

What Is A Transom Window?:
Transom windows are commonly found located over-head above doors. These window normally do not operate and are stationary similar to a picture window. Transom windows come in a standard rectangular shape, but most modern transom windows today are available in a wide range of shapes and sizes.
What Is A Slider Window?:
Sliding windows have one stationary panel and one sash also known as a vent that opens by sliding horizontally and usually horizontal in shape. These windows are very common in most modern homes and provide superior in terms of accessibility and ventilation.
What Is A 3 Panel Slider Window?:
A 3 panel slider also known as XOX slider window have a fixed center panel and 2 vent sashes located on each side of the stationary panel. These windows are commonly in areas like master bedroom, living room and other open area. XOX 3 panel windows provide optimum daylight, accessibility and superior ventilation.
What Is A Garden Window?:
A garden window is a type of window that extends from the exterior wall of the home. Like bay windows, garden windows feature a three-dimensional design that includes three side panels and a top panel pitched at 90 degrees to bring in light and allow for rain runoff. The effect is a deep window sill that can house plants and other décor in a greenhouse kind of environment.
What Is A Round Window?:

Round windows are circular in shape and are fixed similar to picture windows. These circle windows measure evenly in circumference. They are commonly used as decorative windows and sometimes seen with grids.

What Is A Sidelight Window?
Sidelight windows are fixed stationary windows similar to transom windows, whereas these windows are located on the left, right or even both sides of a door. These windows do not operate, but they do provide additional daylight to the homes entryway.
What Is A Skylight Window?:
Skylights are the windows located on roofs and come in many options and variations. these windows provide excellent natural sunlight from above providing optimum daylight to any room. You will find skylights commonly in modern homes or any open areas where extra natural lighting may be needed to brighten a room.
Home window replacement company service near me

Window Installation Service

Beacon Hill Glass specializes in residential new vinyl window replacement. We are a window installation company that provides services to homes in the Greater Seattle area and all over king county. Our focus is to satisfy customers with their double pane vinyl window installation needs while providing quality craftsmanship and excellent customer service.

Milgard Windows

Milgard is one of the largest and most trusted names in home windows and patio doors, serving the Western U.S. with over a dozen full-service facilities and customer care centers. For the last 50 years, Milgard demonstrated their commitment to innovation, quality and service. Milgard’s belief is that by being close to their customers, they can provide them better service.

The Milgard Difference:

“This means faster lead and delivery time, as well as faster response to any warranty situations. We’re there for you long after the job has been completed. And for as long as you own your home, feel confident knowing your Milgard® windows and doors are covered under industry-leading warranty.”

Materials and Series/Models:

Milgard brand replacement windows can add to your home’s exterior visual charm and appeal, but is a great way to dramatically transform your interior living spaces as well. Additionally, window replacement can significantly raise the level of energy efficiency in your home thereby lowering costs to heat and cool, which also reduces the environmentally impactful consumption of valuable energy resources.

Milgard® brand produces quality windows for any taste. They are an innovator in manufacturing techniques. These include glass, energy efficiency, warranty, and components. Certain models also have SmartTouch technology, which makes them easier to open. Milgard windows offer a variety of materials to choose from for your project. These materials include a lot of different series. Learn more below.

Looking For a Particular Milgard Window Series/Model?


Each series of windows by Milgard have its own looks and advantages. Take the Tuscany™ Series, for example. This series of windows offers a Full Lifetime Warranty with glass breakage. Also, consider the Ultra™ Series Fiberglass windows. They are known for their extreme durability to elements and efficiency at blocking heat from entering homes. They are exceptional for apartment windows because of their longevity and because they have great insulating properties. Take a look at this article about the Ultra™ Series Fiberglass windows being tested in apartments in Palm Springs, CA against high temperatures. Please take a look at the brochures to the right and see which model/series fits your needs.

  • Milgard Tuscany Series 

  • Milgard Trinsic Series 

  • Milgard Style Line Series 

  • Milgard Ultra Series 

  • Milgard Thermally Improved Aluminum Series 

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